The Challenge

2015 International Design & Make Challenge

The 2015 International Design and Make Challenge gave designers the opportunity to work with 100% Cambrian Mountain wool from the heart of Wales. The common factor: a passion for design, sustainability and quality. Our aim: to demonstrate the beauty and versatility of our wool.

The opportunity was for emerging or established textile designer-makers to work with their choice of 1kg of wool tops; 1kg yarn; or up to 3 meters of fabric in plain woven structure, or a mixture of the three to create a unique textile work – whether functional or purely decorative – to help us show the versatility and beauty of Cambrian Mountains Wool.

128 designers submitted their designs and the designers listed here accepted our challenge.

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Gabriel Roland and Michalis Christophides, Wall Mounted Lamp

Little Dandelion, Cable Throw

Nicola Gates, Rug

Emma Brooks, Cushion

Mick Sheridan, Upholstery

Rebecca Connolly, Upholstery Fabric (Handwoven)

Rose Sharp Jones, Upholstery

Warped Textiles, Cushions

Janie Knitted Textiles, Lighting


Anna Strzelecki, Hoody

Carole Wadham, Hat

Collingwood-Norris Design, Bomber Jacket

The Little Lancashire Smallholding, Beret

Llynfi Textiles, Knitted Jacket, Tailored Jacket

Rebekah Archer, Jacket

Allison Volek Shelton, Oversized Swing Top

Ramnation, Man’s Pullover

Clare and Vinny Vincent, Quilted Jacket

Suzi Park & Clare Baumfield, Man’s Shirt


Yuka Jourdain, Necklace

Claire Cawte, Bags

greenweeds, Boots

Helen Foot, Scarves

Kimberley Jones, Neckpiece

Tishya Oedit, Gloves

Veronica Pock, Scarves


Wall Art

Elizabeth Lloyd, Wallhanging

Liz Clay, Acoustic Wall Panels

Amanda Graham, Illustrative Art Work

Joy Dawes, Ewe Head

Allistair Covell, Digital Print


Carole King, Hand Stitched Book

Carys Boyle, Porcelain Vessels

Ceri Williams, Needle Felted Figure with sheep

Celestine and the Hare, Needlefelted Creatures

Maria Lalić, Teddy Bears & Rag Dolls

Ruth Packham, Needlefelted Village

Digital Stitch by Allistair Covell

Digital Stitch by Allistair Covell