Allison Volek Shelton

Tennessee, USA

About Allison

Allison has been weaving for nearly 10 years now. She was first introduced to fiber arts in college at Tennessee Technological University and instantly fell in love. She bought her first loom 5 years ago and founded Shutters & Shuttles shortly after. She loves the repetition of weaving and is constantly looking for new techniques and patterns to experiment with.

Making for The Challenge

The wool yarn was scoured and the warp measured out. The warp was then space-dyed using acid dye and wound onto a 60″ wide AVL mechanical dobby loom. It was woven in a 6-thread herringbone pattern and the finished fabric was washed and fulled by hand. The finished garment was sewn from an original pattern developed in collaboration with a local designer. All dying, weaving, and sewing was done in-house by Allison Volek Shelton.