Allistair Covell with Think Positive


About Allistair

Allistair Covell is an award-winning British Contemporary Surface Designer with a background in fine art, printed textiles and fashion design. His unique and distinctive style extends across a variety of surfaces for the fashion and interior design industries.

Allistair trained at the University of the Arts London and graduated in 2012 with a BA in Surface Design and prior to this he studied at the University of Bedfordshire and achieved a Foundation Degree with Distinction in Fashion & Textile Design. Whilst at university Allistair interned with fashion designers Matthew Williamson and Erdem and worked with the textile design icon Zandra Rhodes.

In January 2014 Allistair won the AfghanMade Best Young Designer Award at the internationally acclaimed Carpet Design Awards, held at DOMOTEX Hannover, the world’s largest and most influential trade show for floor coverings.

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About Think Positive

Penny McIntyre is the Director of Think Positive, a creative textile incubator, which invites designers and artisans into an environment that has nurtured artistic talent for over thirty years. Think Positive are the international leaders in direct to fabric digital printing and textile design, providing an unparalleled colour reproduction service, translating the clients creative concepts into printable designs across a range of fabrics.

Think Positive’s objective is to always stay ahead of new technology in order to provide fashion and interior designers a world-leading market edge in design reproduction. Their work and strong portfolio has become their own inspiration. Thinking textiles? Think Positive.

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Making for the Challenge: Digital Stitch

Allistair Covell and Think Positive have collaborated to create a unique textile artwork installation called Digital Stitch for the Cambrian Mountains Wool International Design & Make Challenge 2015.

Digital Stitch is an innovative example of fusing the old with the new in a dynamic fashion, as the richly coloured artwork is the result of combining traditional woven wool production techniques with the latest cutting edge digital printing technology.

The surface design is a digitally printed photograph of an enlarged section of one of Allistair’s hand ‘stitched paintings’. The ‘stitched paintings’ series initially bridged the gap between Allistair’s abstract paintings and his work designing the surface pattern on rugs and were originally a means to solely visualise how the brush strokes would translate into a weave or a knot although they have now become artworks in themselves.

The original series of paintings were inspired by the chipped layers of paint found on the hulls of wooden boats by the sea. This theme continues in Digital Stitch where the surface design has been intentionally printed to leave areas of the original heavy twill eave exposed, giving the appearance that the pattern has been worn away over time.

The design also creates a striking visual illusion as from a distance the colourful pattern will look like it has actually been stitched into the Welsh wool. Digital Stitch will only reveal its secret on closer inspection…