Ceri Williams


About Ceri

Ceri Williams is an artist living in North Wales and works from her studio near Llanberis.

She is an artist particularly interested in sculpture, the human form and portraits. She has studied Art at Llandrillo College in North Wales, including life drawing, portraits, pottery, sculpture and fine art.

Ceri has been working on her new artistic venture of creating sculptures from wool using a needle felting technique. She enjoys creating all sorts of characters from the old to the young, fantasy figures and realistic people. She calls her creations ‘Bobl Bach’ this is translated to ‘Little People’. She has been working on these for the past couple of years and uses her skills of clay sculpting and life class to create the features and figure.

Ceri is particularly interested in capturing the humour, character and interaction between people within her work. Her work sells around the UK and America and has taken on commissions to create requested characters.

Making for the Challenge: Purl the Sheep

These characters appeared instantly in my head when I had been accepted to create a piece for the Cambrian Wool Challenge. I really wanted to combine the use of the wool in its four different forms, i.e. wool tops, floor grade wool, 4 ply and the woven material. I also wanted to express the strong connections between the woollen industry and the creative artist. What better way than a direct line from sheep to creator (Granny Knit).

They are made from pure wool body pieces, which are fleece filled. The body is then covered with wool tops and needle felted to shape. The hair was dyed with varying shades of grey and wound on a stick to create curls. The Cambrian Wool herringbone material was used to create the clothing. The wool was a joy to work with and the quality outstanding. I really enjoyed making them, they made me smile through out the process and I hope you enjoy them too!