Gabriel Roland & Michalis Christophides


About Gabriel Roland

Gabriel is a fabric designer and innovator. When not hiking or drawing he is working somewhere in between conceptual design, textile printing and material development. A recent graduate of the MA Fashion and Textiles course at the University of Derby his main focus is refining his own sustainable laminate fabric, Rolaminate. Gabriel is passionate about contemporary art, Internet culture and fashion and publishes an article every now and again.
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About Michalis Christophides


Michalis is a multidisciplinary maker/craftsman who admires nature and believes that technology should evolve to coexist with it. He has a passion for photography and is obsessed with making things, ranging from ultralight camping tents to electronics and software, earrings and even building a house with his father. Michalis is currently in the final year of his Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree at the University of Derby.

Making for the Challenge

Cambrian wool, raw slate, Rolaminate and metal – building this lamp led Gabriel and Michalis to explore the qualities of these materials and challenged them to find ways of putting them together. The tactile surfaces of the stone and the weave, which naturally complement each other, are balanced out by high-tech craftsmanship. The custom-made LED-lighting is powerful yet small and energy efficient. And the wool is fused to a laser-cut diffusor which is made from Rolaminate, an innovative laminated textile made from 100% recycled materials. The effortless synergy of natural and man-made, grown and synthetic makes this lamp’s gentle light even more pleasing.