Little Dandelion (Jacqueline Fink)


About Jacqueline

I am a crafter of hand knitted oversized scale textiles and installation works made from a selection of beautiful natural fibres and raw materials.  With a strong focus on naturally coloured high grade unspun wool from Australia and New Zealand, I create bespoke woollen blanket and throws using industrial sized knitting needles.

While the Woollies are the mainstays of my practice, I also craft textile installations both extreme in their scale and the physical challenge they represent for one pair of hands. Each piece is as much a feat of endurance as it is a loving creative process.

As my quiet rebellion against mass production, I ensure that each piece is a one of a kind creation: something very personal for the user, lusciously tactile to the touch, highly textural by nature and meticulous in its construction. This is slow craft in its truest sense.

As a late comer to textile design and without any technical qualification in fine arts (my law degree has proven not very helpful when it comes to the finer points of knitting), my process is entirely self-taught and is underpinned by three great passions: my need for sensory feedback and my love of both texture and natural fibres.

At the heart of my work is the oversized scale my choice of materials allows me to achieve. For the observer, the scale provides a powerful sensory and aesthetic platform to illustrate the beauty and rawness of the natural fibres. The textures are rich, luxurious and have the ability to imbue both solace and joy to the observer.

Over the last two years I have been working intensively with a specialist mill in New Zealand to produce a high grade and super soft extreme knitting yarn called K1S1. Made from fully felted 100% merino wool, K1S1 is my way of sharing this rather usual and conceptual form of knitting with others.

I am a strong advocate of fellow makers of handmade and am a soon to be published author of a book on handmade.

Little Dandelion