Mick Sheridan


About Mick

Mick Sheridan is a second generation upholsterer living and working in rural Wales. He is known as a specialist in wool fabrics, particularly Welsh wool.

‘Inside out chair’ – traditional side chair reupholstered using horse-hair and hessian covered in Cambrian Wool Twill fabric.

The chair shown here came from a skip. It has been stripped, cleaned and reupholstered in the traditional way, hand-stitched with horse hair and hessian. The top cover is then stitched into the edge-roll, maintaining the contours of the inside of the chair.

Mick says, “I hate having to cover up beautifully hand stitched upholstery, it takes so long to complete and then it’s just smoothed over with wadding. Most people have no idea what’s underneath the fabric of the chair they’re sitting on and certainly no idea how complicated it can be, so I started incorporating the top cover into the process, displaying a little bit of the inside on the outside.”

His ‘inside out’ chairs have been dubbed the ‘Richard Rogers School of Upholstery’ in reference to the architect’s famous placement of building services (lifts, ducts, pipes, etc) on the outside of his buildings.