Rebekah Archer


About Rebekah

Rebekah Archer recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in Textile Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, majoring in weave. She was runner up in the 2014 Design Institute of Australia Graduate of the Year Awards in the Fashion and Textiles category. After graduating, Rebekah completed a 3 month Artist in Residency placement with The Australian Tapestry Workshop in South Melbourne and exhibited work as a part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Her work focuses on sustainable fashion, with a core philosophy based around the principles of slow design. She considers adaptability, durability and purpose as an imperative part of the creation process. Rebekah is primarily interested in the act of making; her work is on ongoing study of what it means to holistically and transparently construct textiles by hand. Rebekah has recently moved to the UK. She currently runs a sustainable woven textile and jewelry label where she creates contemporary, one off pieces using natural fibers and discarded materials such as copper, bone and recycled yarn. She has exhibited textile and jewelry work locally and internationally.

The Challenge

For the Cambrian Mountains Wool Design Challenge, Rebekah focused on exploring woven shibori techniques. This process involved weaving a waxed cotton supplementary weft yarn on top of and alongside the Cambrian Mountains woolen warp and weft. Thick, lightly felted roving was woven alongside finely spun yarn to create areas of texture and contrast. Once 3 metres of cloth was woven and cut from the loom the supplementary waxed cotton weft cords were pulled and tied together, gathering the cloth and creating a resist. Natural Indigo was used to dye the bundle of cloth, creating the shibori style, uneven stripe patterns. The waxed cotton yarn was pulled from the cloth, and any gaps left were closed with the washing and expansion of the wool. A zero waste garment pattern was designed and used to create the final piece.

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