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About Warped Textiles

Warped Textiles was established in 2014 by Chantal Balmer Allen, an award winning Scottish Textile Designer and graduate from the renowned Glasgow School of Art. Specializing in high quality woven home-ware accessories Chantal samples her unique collections in-house, developing them on her hand and computerised weaving looms before working with local mills to produce small batches of fabric.

Making for the Challenge

Passionate about textiles and yarn I was eager to accept the Cambrian Mountain Wool Challenge and showcase my designs using such a high quality British product.

My aim was to experiment with the CM Wool on my table loom & to explore how the yarn worked alongside elasticated fibers to create organic, three dimensional woven forms.

Using the traditional techniques of weaving, I began by making a warp of CM Wool & another of elastic. The threads were then wound onto my 8-shaft table loom & drawn through the looms heddles in a specific order. The threading & weaving process was repeated three times with a different sequencing of threads to ensure a unique fabric of 98% CM Wool was woven each time. The colour palette was kept neutral to highlight the purity & provenance of this beautiful yarn. The final woven fabrics were then gently washed in soft Scottish water before being dried outside in the sunshine and sewn into an exclusive range of cushions.

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