First outing: Hay Festival of Art and Literature, May 21st – 31st 2015

We had a fantastic 10 days of Hay with lots of enthusiasm for both the wool and the Challenge. There were several designs that would have rolled off the shelves. Here’s our visual report. Due to the fact we were effectively in a tent and subject to the vagaries of British weather, we weren’t able to present the magnificent Wall Mounted Lamp by Gabriel Roland and Michalis Christophides,by or the beautiful large digital print by Allistair Covell ‘in the flesh’ but both were shown in the design book and we’ve included their images for good measure here in this collection to give them a ‘virtual outing’.

Hope you enjoy seeing it all together for the first time.

Photographs ©2015 John Pocklington  Designs ©2015 individual designers and artists, listed in full here all rights reserved.