Exhibition Schedule

We hope that lots of people will get to see and even try the wool at Wonderwool this weekend, 25th and 26th April, where a copy of the design book from the selected challenge designers will also be on display. Here’s the remains of our schedule:

21st – 31st May:  Hay Festival
To kick off the tour, we are taking a space at Hay Festival, the biggest gathering of thinkers, creatives, media and visitors on the Welsh borders. Hay is a tiny town that welcomes the Festival each year for 10 days; we will be working hard to spread the word about fine Welsh Wool and show off just what can be done! And entry to the festival site is free, so thousands of people visit.

Summer: there will be a private view

18th – 25th September London Welsh Centre, Gray’s Inn Road, London
We will be setting up our Collection at the London Welsh Centre, coinciding with London Design Festival and the start of London Fashion Week.

26th – 27th September
From the dizzying world of bright lights, we’ll be hot-footing it back to Wales for the world of sheep: Llandovery Sheep Festival! A quirky local Festival dedicated to Sheep and Wool in the Cambrian Mountains.

30th Oct – 1st Nov Made by Hand Wales
Made by Hand is a showcase selling event for selected contemporary craft makers from across the UK, taking place at City Hall in the centre of Cardiff. We will be working with the organisers to stage this collection as a special exhibition, and promote the event with a ‘knit-in’ at the old council chambers!

Additionally, we are also working on opportunities for UK Wool Week – lots of ideas in the mix for that – and a ‘coming home’ exhibition to finish the year. We are hoping that this can be at a venue that is very dear to the Cambrian Mountains Wool Group, but more news about that soon.


Rebecca Connolly

Rebecca Connolly weaving fabric for a footstool in collaboration with upholsterer Mick Sheridan